From Sweden with Love - Milestones - From passion to mission - Bittersweet isolation
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From Sweden with Love

Prelude to the intense beauty of ice and snow shaded by the first echoes of solitude.

Dixie Dansercoer invited me to join him and his family during ten days of training and material testing to Northern Sweden in preparation for the approaching Arctic Arc Expedition with Alain Hubert. Over the years Dixie and I have exchanged dialogue about his mysterious passion for the pristine beauty of the Polar regions. Perhaps seeing could become believing. And it was.

I experienced the cold there as something I could handle as long as I had a reason to be on the ice. Trying to understand and capture the Nordic mood in images was my furnace. But there was so much more than the snow and the ice. The low and slowly moving northern light which constantly projected our shadows against walls was one of those unexpected treasures to play with. Sleeping in a tent on the frozen lake, steaming in an authentic sauna (and the jump outside with frozen hair as a result at minus 17°), and even babysitting for Robin resulted in unforgettable images.

I wish to thank Hugo Pietermans for creating the opportunity to work with the recently developed
Leica M8.