Hermann silly human race

"There are things which do not grow on trees, that we cannot learn at school, and which money cannot buy. It is the art of seeing the world through your heart."

When I look around the world seems to have forgotten the power of this simple truth. Many facets of life are uncomplicated. Presenting life in complex and obscure structures gives power to people who choose to adorn what they wrongly fear is a plain life canvas.

My photography is a chaotic search for unique and spontaneous images among the clutter of the 'rat-race.' On top of that, I probe for our real place among the great scheme of things by freezing moments out of reality, timeless images that awaken memorably ordinary experiences for everyone.

How I work

Photography is in my point of view, the delicate balance between observation and manipulation, a graceful blend which allows reality and imagination to blur.

Careful research and meticulous camera choice form the objective combination which allows me to commence; surplus is eliminated and focus maintained. Sharp senses and liberated observation... until the intense moment reveals itself. Until someone's body language speaks determination. Until the essence of the image standsstrong. It is instant decision making in constant changing environment.