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In September 2003, Dixie Dansercoer and Julie Brown (polar explorers) asked me to make a series of photographs of a outdoor workshop in and around Breiten, Switzerland. I took my XPan with the 45mm lens with me for some personal observations.

One morning we commenced on a long walk around the Aletsch Glacier in heavy fog conditions. Visibility was very poor and from a photographic point of view it all seemed quite hopeless. After a rather precarious one-hour trek, the first rays of sunlight pierced the clouds, a revealing scene which offered dramatic views of the glacier. I proceeded to capture the true face of this mountain area!

These photographs and some additional photographs which I made during several walks were first published in the Milestones book. An inspiring book based on the diaries and inspirational quotes and texts which have aided Dixie Dansercoer and Julie Brown during their journeys to faraway places.

Milestones is also translated and published by Uitgeverij Lannoo as 'Op expeditie naar jezelf'.