'Van Passie tot Missie'

'Van Passie tot Missie' is a collection of inspiring accounts by UNICEF Belgium's Goodwill Ambassadors.
A sincere call for engagement from Alain Hubert, Axelle Red, Khadja Nin, Frank De Winne, Helmut Lotti, Dixie Dansercoer,
Jean-Michel Folon and Salvatore Adamo, some of Belgium's
most talented individuals.

The book was written by Julie Brown. The black and white portraits were photographed by Hermann l Herman Vanaerschot. Christian Wiener, director of UNICEF Belgium, wrote the introduction.

Dutch edition published by Van Halewyck (2004)
French edition published by Labor (2004)

Price: 19.95 euro
The proceeds of the book sales are for the benifit of UNICEF.